Lavinci Proposals

Increase sales and accelerate business growth.

Benefits overview

Lavinci Proposals is a comprehensive, cloud-based sales management system. You can use it to quickly create proposals, streamline your workflow, and allow clients to sign off online with DocuSign integration.

Quick and easy to implement, and completely customisable to suit the needs of your business, Lavinci Proposals makes your entire sales process more effective. It automatically tracks and reports on your sales activity, giving you invaluable insights that can help you turn more prospects into customers, faster.

And when they sign the contract, you can use Lavinci® Projects to bring the same level of convenience to your working relationship.

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Increase sales with our smart proposal
and sales management tool

What makes Lavinci Proposals different?

Create beautiful, branded proposals in just four steps

First you enter your text, then you add the financial information, adjust the template, and finalise the proposal. The configurable templates and finance system integration mean you flow through the creation process quickly, without making costly mistakes.

Do it all online — including client signoff

Our cloud-based system means you can get started immediately. Because everything happens online, tracking and reporting are simplicity itself. Your clients can easily comment on your proposal, and accept it at the touch of a button thanks to DocuSign integration.

Turn insight into action with smart tracking tools

When you’re juggling several proposals at once, it helps to have an easy to understand overview of exactly what’s happening. Have we sent the proposal yet? Who has read it? Has the client added any comments? Our system keeps you up to date, at a glance, so you can respond to customer inquiries and close deals faster.

What can Lavinci Proposals do for you?


Create beautiful proposals

Take control of what you say and how you say it. Our system takes the legwork out of writing, editing and designing proposals, freeing your sales team to do what they do best: sell!

Easily manage the entire sales process

Get a dynamic, overview of everything that’s happening via the intuitive dashboard. The straightforward design and beautiful graphics tell you how many proposals are at which stage, what needs to happen next, and who should do it.


Sign proposals online with DocuSign

Give your customers an up to date way to accept your proposal. Lavinci Proposals integrates with DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management®. Leave inconvenient print, sign, scan and send approval processes where they belong — in the 20th century.

Save time and improve quality

Use templates to eliminate mistakes and ensure consistency. Templates are completely configurable, so they do exactly what you need them to do. Pretty soon you’ll be producing impressive, accurate proposals in a matter of minutes.


Robust & secure

Trust our cloud-based system to always work for you — and only for you. We constantly monitor and update our servers to make sure we deliver 99.9% uptime, and use SSL encryption to ensure that data transfer is secure.

Two-step SMS verification

Make it easy for your customers to accept your proposals. Lavinci Proposals uses a two-step SMS verification system to let customers sign off on your proposal. Leave inconvenient print, sign, scan approval processes where they belong — in the 20th century.


Lavinci Proposals Features

Unlimited products, services, and price lists

The system can handle as many products, services, and price lists as you like.

Unlimited templates and customisable colours

Pre-define the look and content of your proposals, and use your company logo and brand colours.


Encourage team communication using short messages.


Attach relevant files as you work, so everything you need is in one place.

Lavinci Suite

Lavinci Suite
Internal notes

Keep detailed notes as you work. Automatic version control lets you compare the latest notes with older versions.

Unlimited clients and contacts

No matter how much your business grows, you’ll always have room to add new clients and contacts.

Unlimited taxes

Define multiple VAT rates and exceptions for international dealings.

Unlimited credit ratings

Keep track of all your customers’ payment schedules.

Payment plans

Pre-define various ways to pay — whether you invoice per project or offer a subscription model.

Email notifications

Send a short cover message to your prospect along with your proposal.

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