Lavinci Projects

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Benefits overview

Lavinci Projects is a feature-rich, cloud-based project management and collaboration system. Its modern, responsive interface lets you manage deadlines, milestones and tasks, foster team collaboration, and boost productivity throughout the project lifespan.

Easy to use and quick to set up, Lavinci Projects gives you intuitive control of people, time and money over an unlimited number of projects. We offer a range of pricing options to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as the ability to brand the tool and make it your own.

You can even extend your reach before the project starts with Lavinci® Proposals, and start taking care of your customers before they become your customers.

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Boost productivity with our smart project management tool

What makes Lavinci Projects different?

Gain visibility: everything you need is on one screen

Manage people, time and money from the central dashboard that displays all the latest project-related activity. How much progress have we made? Who should be doing what today? How much non-billable time have we spent? The dashboard gives you all the answers, at a glance.

Go with the flow: automatic alerts and notifications

Make it easy for everyone to see what’s happening and stay on top of their task list. You can set alerts so team members receive a notification when a task they’re waiting for has been completed, and even automatically message your Financial Department to send an invoice.

Collaborate better: integrated discussions and file management

Effective collaboration improves your productivity. Lavinci Projects fosters team communication with detailed notes and chat-style discussions. Sharing updates and scheduling check-ins is easy thanks to the central file repository, automatic document versioning, and Outlook integration.

What can Lavinci Projects do for you?


Organise everything and everyone

Organise your projects into deadlines and milestones, then assign tasks to your team. The central dashboard lets you monitor everyone’s progress, helping you keep plans and priorities up to date.

Keep your files in one place

Maintain a single, shared repository for all your project-related files. You’ll never have to hunt around on the server to find the right folder or the latest version of that file again, thanks to automatic version control.


Capture your team’s knowledge

Collect all the questions, notes and ideas that come up over the course of a project. The Notes and Discussions features turn everything your team is talking and thinking about into a valuable knowledge base. Because none of us is as smart as all of us.

Share the inspiration

Share relevant information and inspiration from around the internet in the Links section. Individual members can add any useful links they find, for the whole team to enjoy.


Lavinci Projects Features


Centralised Notes help teams share information while they work.

Time tracking

An effortless, accurate way to log billable and non-billable hours.


Organise your projects into deadlines.


Break down a project into milestones, then assign tasks to team members.


Your team can use this tab to share useful links.


Upload any project-related file and enjoy automatic version control.


Assign and manage specific project roles to individual team members.

Email notifications

Convenient, automatic messages notify team members when a task is complete.

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