Simpler development management

Meet customer expectations by delivering projects on time and within budget.

Stay on track

IT and software development projects are notorious for overruns and scope creep. Lavinci® Projects can’t promise to eradicate them, but it will help you keep a clear overview of your milestones, so you can monitor your team’s progress and stick closely to deadlines and budgets.

Project milestones
Projects dashboard

Maintain clear oversight

Make sure everyone always knows what they’re doing. Use Lavinci® Projects to clearly define project tasks, roles and responsibilities, and you’ll stay in control of even the most dynamic development projects without getting lost in the details.

Keep everyone in the loop

Spend less time on paperwork and more time getting things done. Lavinci® Projects can automatically alert team members when tasks are completed and milestones are reached. This makes it easier for large teams to collaborate effectively, and for managers to monitor progress.

Milestone  tasks

Measure and learn

Improve the accuracy of future proposals and plans. Lavinci® Projects’ automatically generated tracking and statistics give you an instant, easy to understand insight into your project history. You get a complete picture of how your team worked, so you can reinforce good habits and address bad ones.