Efficient, integrated finances

Optimise workflow with financial automation and integration.

Avoid costly errors

Reduce the possibility of financial mistakes with Lavinci® Proposals. The system uses customisable templates that let you dynamically include the financial information in your system in the right section of your proposals. If you need to change a number, the whole document is automatically updated.

Proposals dashboard
Proposals steps

Easy to manage proposals

Save time and reduce administrative costs by automating repetitive tasks. Lavinci® Proposals automatically calculates procurement numbers, and makes it easy to apply discounts to products, services and more. You’ll be issuing proposals faster than ever.

Integrate with invoicing

Lavinci Proposals consolidates your administration by letting you connect expenses and time directly to a project. Let us know which invoicing application you use, and we’d be happy to discuss how we can integrate our tools with your system.

Project billing