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At Lavinci, we stand for innovation in service of convenience and effectiveness. We specialise in designing and building technological solutions that help our clients work smarter — like our online tools that promote internal collaboration, streamline workflows, and improve communications across projects.

As part of the Candid Group of Media, Advertising, Brand Communications, and Market Research companies, we’ve helped to create products and services that deliver concrete business results across a wide range of industries.

Named after the celebrated artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci, we believe in the problem-solving powers of curiosity, imagination and invention. We hope that the tools we create today will be used to implement the world of tomorrow.

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Management team

Meet the people who run our international operations out of our Amsterdam headquarters and Lisbon offices.

Gérard Ghazarian

Gérard Ghazarian

Founder and CEO

Pedro Gonçalves

Pedro Gonçalves

Founder and CTO

Rishi Bindraban

Rishi Bindraban

Business Development Manager

Mariana<br />Frade


Account Manager

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